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Our Luca Pastore published the article “Failure To Reply To A FIFA Proposal Under Article 13 – Lessons From Daugavpils V Kairat & FIFA” on LawInSport .

Luca’s article analyses a recent noteworthy award rendered by the Court of Arbitration for Sport in the case of BFC Daugavpils v. FC Kairat & FIFA and the lessons that can be learned for football clubs and their lawyers. The case concerned the admissibility of an appeal against a proposal issued by the FIFA administration by letter and the consequences arising for a football club that does not respond to the issuance of a FIFA administration proposal. Luca considered the peculiar features of the proceedings under article 13 of the Rules Governing the Procedures of the Players’ Status Committee and the Dispute Resolution Chamber, in light of a recent case which involved one of Lombardi Associates’ clients.

The article is available to read here.


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