For Football Clubs

Lombardi Associates work with a number of professional clubs in England, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, the Middle East, and around the world. We advise them on all aspects of football-related disputes, covering issues around a player, contract, club manager, solidarity mechanism, training compensation or the club in general.

We also provide advice on financial fair play regulations (FFP) and operate in the specific area of football financing.

In often muddy circumstances we provide clarity and vision, particularly when it comes to player transfers. 

We are able to help clubs negotiate transfer deals, register foreign or national players and seek compensation from other parties. We also represent clubs before the relevant sports legal authorities.

Our experience as football business advisors means that we can offer clubs sound advice on cases relating to individual players, such as a breach of employment contract or in legal cases brought against a player or manager.

For Players and Coaches

We speak the language of the footballing and sporting communities and so professional players and coaches throughout the world use us to help support them throughout their careers.

We take care of their issues off the field, leaving them to do the business on it.

We know our way around employment contracts and aim to ensure that players and coaches receive the best help possible. While negotiating the maximum benefits, we can also resolve problems such as image rights, unpaid salaries, bonuses and other financial incentives owed by clubs or associations.

The thorny issue of transfers has become a major talking point within football. Lombardi Associates are in a league of their own when it comes to player transfers. We specialise in areas as diverse as helping with registration through to handling claims for transfer compensation from former clubs.

With our specialist knowledge and understanding of the relevant restrictions and legislation, we successfully represent clients in sports tribunals involving issues such as employment disputes and disciplinary or doping allegations.

For Intermediaries

2015 marked the end of an era for licensed Players’ Agents, who are no longer recognised by FIFA as a profession. The new FIFA regulations on Working with Intermediaries was issued, which switches the focus from the activities of Players’ Agents to the transaction, establishing precise obligations for Clubs and Players in hiring the services of Intermediaries. The effects of this change will be seen in the next few seasons.

Intermediaries, as they are now known,  still play a pivotal role at the centre of negotiations between players and clubs. Lombardi Associates’ advisory service is specifically designed to help intermediaries get THE best possible results for their clients.

Naturally player transfers are a key part of an intermediary’s business and we totally understand how the system works. We are able to conduct detailed background checks on players’ transfer situations, draft representation contracts that work in the best interest of player and intermediary and most importantly, negotiate employment contracts that give a great result for all concerned.

In addition, we are also well placed to help recover unpaid representation or other contract fees.

For Associations & Leagues

Our unrivalled knowledge of FIFA legislation, UEFA and national rules means we have a first-hand insight into the complex arena of football regulations. This enables us to advise associations, leagues and regulators worldwide  on how to enforce these regulations and rules at national level so that they are in line with international requirements.

We can also help draft or review regulations and ensure that operations teams within the associations and leagues fully understand the detail and how to handle any disputes relating to them.

For Investors in the football business

Lombardi Associates also advise potential investors in the football business by providing regulatory support, performing due diligence activities and liaising with major international financial and sports institutions and individuals involved in this sector.

Our extensive experience developed over 15 years in the business, together with our widespread network, provides an unparalleled support for investors worldwide.